Business Class Notification Service

When people think of notifications, they think of an emergency. However, smart leaders are quick to observe that OMNIalert’s fast and flexible notifications can be a powerful tool for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their daily operations.


Companies are becoming more global, with more mobile employees than ever before. This complicates things when an important message needs to be delivered to hundreds or thousands of people optimally. Doing business often requires risk and incident management that requires exceptional means of communication.

The OMNIalert notification platform was developed for such circumstances.

Powerful, flexible and reliable, OMNIalert facilitates the sending of important messages to people allowing an immediate individual response with a complete audit trail and traceability.

This two-way communication is critical to any modern business.

The OMNIalert Notification Service gives recipients the ability to respond in a variety of ways by providing critical information when needed. The tracking of message delivery and answers helps you make better decisions in critical situations.

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