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OMNIalert’s communication and management capabilities make it simple to distribute on-call responsibilities across your teams. World-class health organizations use OMNIalert as a core communication tool to enforce accountability as they alert ressources and escalate at scale. With intuitive, flexible communications, scheduling and escalations, health organizations can ensure the right people are notified every time, especially when a large scale health crisis occurs.

With OMNIalert, you can:

Manage Incidents Your Way: Get notified and take action on issues immediately, from any device, wherever you may be.

Maximize Accountability: Scheduling and escalations are key to distribute workloads and safeguarding operations and continuity.

Reach the Right People: Ensure that issues and incidents are always sent to the right individual or teams that can address them in real-time.


The OMNIALERT service allows you to massively reach your teachers, students and community for:

  • Winter storms
  • Closures
  • Integration with emergency plans
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