Connected Cities and Municipalities

Trust the OMNIalert emergency notification service for your citizen communication challenges.

Lessen your public safety risks thanks to OMNIalert’s mass notification technology. By using OMNIalert, municipalities and cities of all sizes can easily deliver geo-targeted notifications, using phone calls (audio), text messaging (SMS), email, social media and more, to anyone opting for the service.

The fully redundant platform can deliver thousands of messages at a time through an architecture offering the highest levels of reliability and speed in the industry.

Public Safety

In public safety, communication is the key to success. Be prepared for disasters and facilitate recovery and continuity with OMNIalert’s Mass Communication Service.

With increasing pressure from governments and the media to keep citizens informed, you must get a hold of a reliable mass communication solution. Use the OMNIalert service to help manage your emergency measures:

  • Exceptional Capacity: When it comes time to transmitting a notification to the masses, rely on proven and resilient broadcast capabilities and architecture. The capabilities of the OMNIalert service enable exceptionally high broadcast rates in a mass notification context.
  • Two-Way Communication: See beyond just texting or email with a tool that lets you see who has received the notification and their real-time responses.
  • Social Media Capacity: Enables cities and municipalities to publish information on social media channels for even greater reach.
  • Real-time dashboard: Available at any time during or after a broadcast campaign to provide you with up-to-date and accurate information about a notification campaign.

Fire Department

The fastest way to make an informed decision on the mobilization of your fire department. Get a solution that facilitates the management of fire station personnel.

With the API connector to the 9-1-1 call centres, the OMNIalert service will allow you to more effectively manage your fire response teams. It will allow you, to among other things:

  • Follow the answers of your responders during mobilization waves and for escalation during interventions.
  • Manage your dynamic teams with a module to help man up your dynamic teams according to your needs and work conventions.
  • Allow your workforce to submit their availability or non-availability spontaneously or in the future, thus allowing to better prepare for possible interventions.
  • Empower your workforce with an automated tool to find replacements when they are sidelined.
  • Transmit preconfigured messages, both for intervention management (assistance, escalation, general) and for administrative purposes (training, reminders, test).

Public Works

Be sure to inform your residents and citizens using the OMNIalert communication service. Being responsible for organizing and delivering several basic services for the citizens of a city or municipality, the public works department can use the OMNIalert communication service to inform of situations such as

  • Notice of street closure.
  • Notice of rinsing of the aqueduct network
  • Notice of postponement of waste collection
  • Notice of Bulky Waste Collection

Use the OMNIalert mass communication technology to improve the citizen experience and to avoid any inconvenience resulting from poor communication!

Communications Executives

Be close to your citizens using the OMNIalert communication service. With a powerful multimode message editing module and comprehensive geomatics tools, the OMNIalert service can help you stay close to your residents by informing them of situations such as

  • Closure of streets during festivals, fairs, sports activities
  • Registration period reminder
  • Special event occurrences
  • Closure or change of schedule at the aquatic centre

The OMNIalert service also provides access to a rich and modern communication programming API allowing you full integration with your applications and needs. It also allows you to manage your directory of resources and citizen contact information.

The service also offers a modern and adaptive citizen portal to empower citizens to keep their contact information up to date with the municipality and its alert service.

Finally, a one-stop shop for the management of citizen communication details!

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