Availability and Replacement

Employee scheduling at your fingertips

Whether using a computer or a smartphone, our solution provides a reliable and intuitive employee scheduling experience anywhere, anytime.

Set up smarter work schedules

With an easy setup, create custom selection criteria and the application does the work for you. No more back and forth email exchanges; your team’s schedule management is centralized, automated and optimized.

Improve your employees' experience

Manage staff schedules in a few clicks; manage time off and shift duties, quickly match shifts with employee qualifications and availability. Automate compliance with collective agreements and other business rules. Increase team satisfaction with flexible scheduling. Capture availability schedules through the web portal or mobile app.

Increase the profitability and efficiency of your organization

Eliminate manual processes and take the guesswork out of overtime cost management. Create a complete schedule in minutes: save hours every week. An integrated and flexible employee scheduling tool means less costly overhead associated with producing, maintaining and optimizing your schedules. Eliminate manual processes and avoid errors.

Agile and mobile tools

Connect from anywhere, at any time, through the device of your choice: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. After all, your team lives on their phones – everything they need to succeed at work should be there. Use the mobile scheduling app to create, share and track your teams’ requests. Download the app from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store.

Optimize management of your employees' schedules

An intuitive and flexible application to make your organization more efficient.


Access the application using your cell phone or computer.


Instantly see who is available and qualified to work at any time.


Manage changes and replacements instantly throughout the week.


No more calls asking for the schedule: employees are notified when they are assigned to a shift.


Setup business rules for replacement and shift assignment.

Management tools

Access to the dashboard and generate availability reports.

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