Community Notification Service (CNS)

OMNIALERT is a family of intelligent communication, alert and community notification services (CNS) that can be used to inform or alert in an emergency, including addressing different public safety and mass alert requirements. Be equipped to respond to any community telecommunication needs!

Intended Audience

Lessen your civil security stakes through OMNIALERT’s mass broadcast technology, in accordance with the regulations on alert and mobilization procedures and minimum steps to protect the safety of people and goods in the event of a disaster.

A single platform that allows for the notification of a large number of citizens quickly by various means of communication (phone calls, voice messages, SMS, email, social networks, mobile application, etc.).

  • Configure targets for alerting mission managers
  • Target configuration according to risk factors and specific areas, such as floods, rail crossings.
  • Automation of multimode telecommunications
  • Launching alerts and tracking real-time responses (geomatics dashboard)
  • Complete configuration and access to the OMNIconnect Web Portal
  • Citizen portal, participative and customizable profile
  • High availability infrastructures giving access to stakeholders no matter where they are
  • Comprehensive integration assistance
  • Bilingual technical support available 24/7

The Community Notification Service (CNS) is simple, resilient and accessible. It also increases the rate of informed people and participation. Here’s how it can help you:

  • Optimize communication with your citizens
  • Develop your own content
  • Highly editable messages
  • Powerful multimode message editor
  • Multilingual editing and broadcasting
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Refined control over the content of the message
  • Detailed communication logs
  • Complete and precise multi-layer geomatics
  • Integration with OMNIALERT API
  • Assistance with integration and configuration from the OMNIVIGIL team

Our Community Notification Service (CNS) solution has a proven track record. Not only is it reliable, but it also makes it possible to communicate in a highly targeted way to the desired citizens. Here is why you can trust it.

Use the OMNIALERT service to inform your citizens of situations such as

  • Boil Water or Non-consumption of water advisories or water interruption
  • Rinsing of aqueduct lines
  • Street closures
  • Road Work, Road rehabilitation
  • Notice of parking ban
  • Launch and follow-up in real time (dashboard, map)
  • Map launch
  • Effective management of communication operations to citizens
  • Multi-mode communication including social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Set up targets to send alerts to managers or on-duty teams
  • Complete and massive geomatics. Overlay of city layers
  • Import of shapefiles (geomatics)


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