Enjoy state-of-the-art, groundbreaking broadcast technology. Be sure to reach your people with our strong telecommunications infrastructure.


Be sure to reach your people according to their preferences and communication habits. Communicate quickly and effectively, in all circumstances, using all available channels of communication. Broadcasting a message can use all channels of modern technological communications, for example SMS, email, phone call, automatic posting to Twitter, Facebook, web browser push, etc.

Elastic Capacity

Count on elastic communication capabilities that automatically adjust to your ongoing or ad hoc needs, regardless of the communication channels to meet the requirements of mass communication. The OMNIalert technology relies on multiple independent providers and links that provide on-demand elasticity of capacity when needed.

Hosting with Redundancy

The delocalized cloud infrastructure is designed to withstand the most demanding criteria of availability and resilience on the market. Its complete redundancy (Montreal-Québec) offers exceptional resilience to reach service availability levels beyond 99.99%, regardless of the circumstances. OMNIAlert’s services are without installation and require no additional hardware.


First full alert REST API service available to third-party applications to programmatically interact with OMNIalert services. Connect your app to our alert services using a simple REST API. Compatible with 9-1-1 dispatch software.

Total Mobility

Access from anywhere (citizens or stakeholders), at any time, through your favourite device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, workstation).

Administrative Web Portal

Powerful online administration tools to facilitate the implementation and optimization of communications and broadcasts for massive mobilization.


Full and massive localization mapping. Target your recipients with a powerful, state-of-the-art geomatics tool.


Privacy-proof personal information through a 7 layer data protection model that exceeds industry standards. A variety of reports and journals are also available to you for review, audit and traceability analysis.

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